Paramedical Esthetician – Permanent Makeup, Acne And Skin Care

 Cosmetology is “the study and application of beauty treatment”, from Greek “kosmētikos” (skilled in adornment) and “logia” (study). Simply put, cosmetology is the art of creating beauty.

 With years of experience as a beautician, Shoshana is without a question “skilled in adornment” and excels in her skills as a paramedical esthetician. (See my reviews on YELP  Skin Care By Shoshana).

 Using the best equipment and a multitude of cosmetic products for facials, acne treatment and other moisturizing and cleansing treatments, you will surely experience cosmetology at its best in the hands of Shoshana.

 Whether you are urgently in need of professional acne treatment or just feeling like indulging yourself with a facial or improving your appearance with permanent makeup, please contact Shoshana for consultation and appointments.

 Please visit the  permanent makeup gallery and testimonials page for client’s recommendations. Contact Shoshana to schedule an appointment at 818-3996625

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